IMG_0457Why yes, yes I did.
I have a great deal of love for Heart and Brain. It’s exceedingly clever and touches base on a great deal of emotions and situations that I truly believe a vast majority of us can relate to. This is the first book I’ve bought by Nick Seluk, and only the second I currently own of this particular genre. I’ve always been rather impressed and in love with these sorts of artwork and am genuinely thrilled to have it on my shelf.

From the ridiculous–albeit slightly embarrassing–boughts of laughter in Barnes and Noble to the near unceasing giggles as I finished the book once I’d arrived home, I deeply enjoyed Heart and Brain: Body Language. I’ve followed the comics online for a while now and am pleased to have found there were a great many in this book that I hadn’t seen before and therefore could enjoy in novelty. I’d recommend this book to pretty much anyone, especially if you’re looking for a laugh.


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