“I think the sadness won’t have a name, but it will be there all the same.”

before the snowIronically, I’m not even sure why I read this considering the fact that I hated Stealing Snow for a large number of reasons. It was among my collection in iBooks, though, so I opened it up on a whim. There seems to be a lot of disagreement regarding this novella, but I found myself enjoying it.

I wont say Before the Snow is an amazing story or that it could stand on its own, but it wasn’t bad or mediocre, either. The prequel to the, admittedly awful in my opinion, novel Stealing Snow, Before the Snow was an interesting introduction to the River Witch that I found quite endearing. Her character is very likable and though the story doesn’t have quite as much depth as I believe it should (and deserves, truthfully, with a character like that), what Paige did with it worked well.

I feel I’d rather have read a novel about Nepenthe than Snow.

In fact, had this been turned into an actual novel, I believe the few things I didn’t care for about it would have had an opportunity to improve immensely and potentially not even be there as a complaint for me. My largest disappointments lay in the underdeveloped personality of Lazar (a shame, as his character as a young boy held such promise) and the rather rushed albeit poorly revealed and sort of shoved in plot regarding Nepenthe’s parents.

Paige could have done so much with it and I would have been thrilled to read it.

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