AF49D11E-F01C-4234-BACC-9E2FDD3F1048It’s always a truly wonderful moment to hold a signed book in your hands for the first time. I’ve heard this one talked about a lot lately and I’m honestly so thrilled to have gotten myself a copy, and a signed one at that! Looking forward to reading this one this weekend in between raising the new puppy.

2164EC79-F113-4358-B026-7F8C98408CAAOne of these days I’ll be able to start taking pictures of Mickey with my books, but for now that’s not gonna happen cause he’s still got the unfortunate habit of puppy biting. We’re hoping that’ll end sooner rather than later, cause he chews everything. And I definitely don’t want him chewing my new signed copy of Catwoman, lol.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Happy reading!

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