To all my introverted, book-loving friends on Thanksgiving, I hope you get some time to read today after all the chaos of a get together. I know there are probably a large portion of you who had small events–and I’m slightly jealous, let me tell you–rather than the large, somewhat stranger filled event I had. I have to say, I’m pretty peoples out right now and would love to curl up in bed with a nice book.

Hopefully that will be a near future event for me.

To everyone who celebrates, Happy Thanksgiving. To those who don’t, I hope you had a lovely day. And to all my reader followers, I hope you had a good book because you deserve it and frankly it’s the best thing one of us could have, right? I intend to be joining the reading party soon.

Enjoy (or maybe cringe a tiny bit, lol) the picture of a book turkey someone folded up. It looks pretty amazing, even if it kind of destroyed a book. Not gonna lie, when I typed it into google I was kind of expecting it to look more like the book tree.

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