what's killing my chickens?Okay, I’m not going to because I know that there’s no possible way I could be interested in reading this book…but I almost requested What’s Killing My Chickens? by Gail Damerow simply because of tha utterly adorable, if not quite hungry and eerily focused fox there on the cover. It’s such a ridiculous reason to want to be approved for a book, and yet it appears that I am completely helpless. But there you go. A book entirely focused on keeping your chickens safe from predators, I’m sure we all know that I’d just use my chicken to get the fox to let me pet it (I’m sure that’s a terrible idea). And I don’t even have any chickens! I’d be a terrible farmer, I think. I just imagine the situation would end very much like, “Here fox! Have all my chickens! You want this one? Okay! That one? Sure! The whole lot? Yep! They’re yours!”

It’s some food for thought, I suppose, about what really makes me pick up a book. So, guys, if you have a book and you want me to read it, a good bet would be to put a fox on the cover! Anyway, now that I’ve shared my ridiculous moment of the day, hopefully you all can go right on back to you’re regularly scheduled (maybe) reading! Thanks for dropping by!

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