Democracy and Sexual Assault; Recent NetGalley Requests

These are pretty heavy books, to be honest. But, in the end, they're important ones. Food for thought and important voting book. A partial memoir about sexual assault. | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram |


The Whispering of the Pages [The Great Animal Escapade] Blogger Support Feature

It's the weekend again which means it is now time for another blogger support feature! This week I'd like to show off Lily @ The Whispering of the Pages. Though she doesn't have an about me page on her blog, Lily has dedicated it more to be a space through which she can showcase the…

The Princess and the Fangirl [Ashley Poston]; 2019 YA Releases

The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston is not on my TBR, but that's really only because I got a chance to read an ARC copy. I've always been pleasantly surprised by Poston's work, especially as the first time I read one of her books, Geekerella, I went in fairly certain that I would hate it and…