This world is changing. And I’m so broken up over what we’ve lost.

The world is a work in progress, and in a way, I think so are we all.

img_8028As for me, personally, I’ve always stuck to some pretty basic descriptors. I am, first and foremost, a reader. I think, at the end of the day, there is little I value higher than the written word. In that respect, I am second, a writer. My books are all WIPs, but I’ve started quite a few of them. My current project is a retelling and one I hold very dear to my heart.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I love books and writing, and I love my job. I was initially interested in Psychology due to the fact that I have always been immeasurably fascinated with character development. I have always believed that in order to write realistic characters, you have to know real people.

I am a reading specialist and no job I’ve ever had prior to this one has ever been truly fulfilling. I work primarily with children who have something hindering their ability to learn and do my best to provide them with an environment through which they can flourish. There is truly little in this world as precious as listening to a student describe how excited she is to have learned to read because it means that she can finally say yes when her younger cousin asks her to read him a story.

I’m not overly fond of political labels and originally registered Independent to vote, but I think ultimately what it comes down to is the fact that I care about the policies that will help the people who need it most. I’m not fond of people who care more about money and objects than they do about the suffering around them and admittedly much of the world astounds me. I flit between feeling genuine hope for society and the ultimate dejection when I realize how truly damaged this world has become.

I was born and raised (more or less) in Northern California, though I spent my High School and College years across the country in Maine. I currently live in California and I have to admit that I am so thrilled to be back because the weather on the East Coast is horrendously painful. I take one look at snow now and cringe. I never used to complain about the weather, but now even the slightest dip below sixty degrees and you can bet that I’m not impressed.

And if it’s not already obvious, I am also a huge fan of foxes.

Thus, I leave you, still a WIP.

-Steff Pasciuti

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