the thief knotThis is a book I came across while browsing NetGalley titles that I very nearly requested based on the cover alone. And you have to admit that it’s a pretty astonishing and gorgeous cover. How could it not catch your eye? Of course, it’s the fourth book in the series and so I held off from requesting since I didn’t want to get into it without the prior understanding of the earlier parts of the story. That said, it was very hard to turn away from The Thief Knot by Kate Milford.

In so many ways, I find this cover to be exceptional. The most striking piece of it all comes from the swirls surrounding the building. I can only guess at what they are meant to represent, be it some sort of fabric or the portrayal of wind–which is where my thoughts ultimately turn to. Of everything, they are what I love most about this cover. Moving forward, you have the gorgeous building, seen from the top down in an exceptional way. It looks like a hotel to me, but more of a castle-esque hotel. And I am incredibly fond of it.

The text, something I often dislike about various books, couldn’t be more perfect. I love how this is a story that involves a greenhouse and the text manages to portray that quite well. And it matches so well with the rest of the image in a way that really makes me wish this book was sitting on my shelf right now. I love the way the colors meld together, blending within the background of the cover image itself and then back to the title in the center. And the way space is portrayed really pulls your gaze right in, taking you from the top and bottom edges all the way to the center of the page. It’s brilliant, actually.

What are your thoughts on this cover? What do you like the most? What do you like least? Do you feel pulled into this one as well? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Happy Friday!

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