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Honestly, this is kind of a difficult TTT for me since I’m not particularly focus on where the majority of my stories are set. I just know that there are some that I prefer not to read about, like school or work, for example. And really, that just ties into my distaste for stories that involve real-life aspects. It took me a while to compile this list, but it’s more settings that I love than it is ones I see a need to have more of since there are a lot of them. But I’d never turn down these settings, really.

10. Island

This one almost didn’t make the list, but really only did because there can be some fun stories that involve getting stranded on an island.

9. Fantasy Worlds

You really can’t go wrong with places like this. I mean, who didn’t fall in love with Neverland when they first heard about it?

8. Mazes, Arenas, and the Like

These usually involve some sort of fantasy or dystopian to come along with it, but I’m sure you all can imagine what that entails.

7. The Sea

Under the sea…under the seaaa! But also above, cause pirates are fun, take it from me!

6. Libraries

But not in the contemporary way! I thought I’d enjoy it once and I was quickly proven very wrong after reading a contemporary novel set in a library. No, when I say library, I mean the old castle kind with crazy twists and turns and secret rooms and passageways.

5. The Sky

Honestly, I can just imagine how amazing books set in this place would be. Admittedly, a lot of this comes from my love of flying-related books and movies.

4. Dystopia

love, love, love dystopian novels and therefore it makes sense that a dystopia would be a setting on this list. They almost always make for fantastic stories in a lot of ways.

3. The Future

Honestly, it’s debatable that this one could have the number one spot. It’s really only number three because I didn’t really take the time to re-order my compiled list. But honestly, you really can’t go wrong with novels set in the future, at least as far as my interest in the concept goes.

2. Kingdoms

This is a pretty typical setting for fantasy stories. As I am a massive fan of fantasy, it makes any kingdom an easy addition for this list.

1. Space

I absolutely adore stories set in space in so many ways. Space alone is a fascinating place and it offers a plethora of fantastical ideas for stories. I’ve always been quite in love with stories that utilize it.

And that’s all for this week, what were your settings for this week’s TTT?

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Settings; Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Honestly, I can’t think of many books set in the sky. That seems like it would be a very interesting setting!

    My TTT.

  2. Since I read a toooon of fantasy, fantasy worlds is basically where I spend most of my reading time. I love the uniqueness and depth they can have. :3 Dystopians are sooo good, too. Especially if it’s really easy to see how we may have gotten to a world like that from where we are now. Makes it all the creepier and more poignant.

    Here’s my TTT post.

  3. The sea nearly made my list – I love the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh, and one of her novels that centered around sea-changeling (shape shifters) was set at a base underwater. It was so fascinating to read about people who turn into sea animals AND their underwater base. I love Singh, and highly recommend her if you like paranormal romance. Anyhow, fantastic list!

    My TTT

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