Due to the fact that I intend to regularly host a new giveaway each month, I thought it would be useful to have a place where I centralize the rules. If you choose to enter a Reader Fox Giveaway, please consider the following first.

  • Giveaways will feature two books, the previous month’s readalong and the current month’s readalong. Winners will choose one of the books which will then be mailed to them.
  • Everyone will always have one free entry.
  • Readalong Participation counts for three entries (you must have commented at least once to indicate that you have read or at least started the book with me). Rereads are okay and you do not have to finish the book if you don’t like it.
  • Writing a review is good for an extra entry and I will feature your blog on mine if you comment with a link to your review on the final update, preferably, though as long as I’m informed in some way I’ll do my best to feature you.
  • You can follow me on here and twitter for extra entries.
  • Giveaways are open internationally; winners will be handled on a case by case basis due to shipping costs. I will do my best to get a physical copy of the book to you, but in the event that it’s too expensive, I am willing to provide ebook copies of both books.
  • Physical copies of the books will be paperback unless paperback copies are unavailable.
  • Giveaways will all be hosted on Rafflecopter.

All books for giveaways are books I pay for personally (unless otherwise noted). I have recently upgraded this blog so that I can receive ad revenues. My hope is that I will be able to use the ad revenue to provide my readers with more opportunities to win giveaways. What this means is that once ad revenue has paid for the subscription fees, any further amounts will be used to increase the number of giveaway winners.

Currently, only one person can win a giveaway per month, but I would like to see that number increase. Of course, the best way for this to happen is to increase the views for Word-ads, which does not happen when someone is using AdBlocker. Now, I have no expectations from you guys here, but I wanted to make everyone aware of this since readers of this blog are the ones who would benefit from more giveaways and this is the only way I, with my current income level, can afford to increase the number of winners.

If anyone is willing to disable AdBlocker for my blog, it would increase the chances that I might be able to increase the number of winners per giveaway, though again I do not expect this from anyone.

As always, happy reading and good luck on future giveaways!

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