A531B2DA-0CA9-4CDB-975E-65D8898061BAIronically, audiobooks are the main reason that I’ve even managed to read anything this weekend since I’m so busy. Since I only use audible, I don’t know any better picture for this than a screenshot of my books. It shouldn’t be a surprise that The Lunar Chronicles is on there. I absolutely love this series so much and reread it far more than I probably should. I really do feel as though audiobooks have helped me immensely in life, giving me the opportunity to motivate myself to get actual life things done, like cleaning for example. It’s such a great multi-tasking activity and I’m so grateful for it.

My 24in48 has stalled somewhat, but that’s alright for now. Hopefully I’ll pick it up again soon. Have a great reading weekend, everyone!

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