I haven’t written one of these posts in a while, partially because I’ve been so focused on making this blog as book-centric as possible. But damn, am I overwhelmed and thoroughly stressed lately. I’m sure many of you have also been faced with work-related stress amidst the Coronavirus and all it has brought.

It was a little different for me.

You see, at first, it was actually pretty easy for my company to switch to telecommuting. There was a brief period of time where I had a decrease in hours by about 5-ish of them. So, really, I didn’t get hit much at all by this. In fact, the biggest change I faced was just adapting to ensuring fidelity with our switch to online. It was a lot more work, but I was never really scared about my job’s stability.

Lately, that hasn’t been as much the case. It’s ironic, because I’m working full-time again,  but we’ve seen a decrease in customers as time has gone on. And that makes sense, ultimately, because even though we are still able to provide our service, the changes have obviously affected the families who use it. We’re an expensive private school and reading tutor company, after all. So, what do we do when there aren’t as many people able to afford that?


Anyway, I’m exhausted, I’m overwhelmed, and I’m stressed. And while I know that “this, too, shall pass” I find myself curling in lately. So, if I post a little less in the coming days, I’m probably reading to hide from it all.

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