The funny thing about being in Quarantine is that, at times, it genuinely doesn’t seem like much has changed. The biggest difference this has brought is the fact that I am now working from home for the first time in my life. While that has been a surprisingly exhausting experience, it’s not what I’m here to write about.

As many of you know, I’ve got a Border Collie called Mickey who is basically my child at this point. Well, my boyfriend recently had his German Shepherd move out here and with this being day 5 of our quarantine it is also day 5 of these puppers getting to know each other.

You ever have dogs who are so insanely jealous of each other and somewhat possessive over their owners? Well, I have never in my life seen a dog drop dramatically to the ground whilst giving a loud whining yowl all because the other dog is getting pets. Not to mention the amount of growling between the two of them on that very first day.

“Mom, how could you let him steal my bone?”

And while Buddy’s first act upon meeting Mickey was to hump him, he’s been pretty congenial about everything. But Mickey? Mickey gets upset and mopey any time Buddy gets even the slightest amount of attention. He’s repeatedly tried to steal all of Buddy’s food, tries to get in between us and Buddy for attention constantly, and has not been averse to staredowns (though I did just watch him basically glare at Buddy as Buddy slowly stole his bone).

And while the quarantine is a blessing in disguise in that it has given us the opportunity to work through their getting used to each other, it’s been an interesting process nonetheless.

Of everything, Mickey is most possessive of his bed. And by his bed, I mean our bed. I have never seen him more upset in my life than when my boyfriend tried to invite his 90 pound German Shepherd up onto the bed with us.

I think Mickey’s incredibly happy to have us home more often, but he’s definitely not warmed up to the new family member just yet.

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