So, full disclosure; this post isn’t about books. It’s not even about something book related, like a film that has a book or something like that. And that’s pretty rare for me, in comparison to all the other posts I typically write. But, I had an exciting moment today that I honestly cannot help feeling the need to cheer (-ish?) about.

MickeyMany of you, I’m sure, are aware that I adopted a puppy last August. And that’s it’s own bit of excitement because we’ll officially have had him for a year soon! That said, Mickey is already a year old and my favorite little book dog. Okay, so he’s not exactly a book dog and he really just likes to play with my Barnes and Noble book mail and bags, but it still looks so damn cute. Also, this picture is old and he is fully trustworthy around my books now (so that fence protecting them from him is now gone, lol).

See how I was still able to tie in something about books?

Anyway, last night was exciting because it was the true beginning of him getting to sleep outside of his crate. He’s about a year and two months old at this point, so this is kind of a big step considering that we tried it once before and it didn’t quite work out. I woke up this morning feeling really good, overall. He slept so well! He didn’t eat our bed, didn’t eat my desk, didn’t eat the laundry. He slept in the bed with Jay and I and it was amazing.

MickeyNow, I’ll admit that the fact that he sleeps in between us up near the top of the bed rather than at the foot was new, for lack of a better word, and I was a bit cold this morning because he pushed all the blankets off me as I got kind of shoved toward the edge of the bed. But really, for a puppers who has in the past made it his duty to destroy our clothing and personal items while we sleep to have cuddled with us all night long and not gotten into any trouble past annoying the heck out of Jay when he decided it was time dad got up to play (which he does in the morning anyway cause I let him out when I get up for work, lol), this is wonderful.

And I’m thinking we might be at a point where Mickey gets to sleep in our bed rather than in his crate even more often now. So, I’m excited.

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