I’ve noticed that Fall has a smell. I think it’s something in the leaves as they dry up and crunch on the ground because there’s definitely a scent to the air that changes by the time October rolls around. And as much as I’ve grown to dislike the Autumn and Winter months for the dip in temperature that happens right around this time, I have to admit that I really do love the smell of Fall.

October was a really bad month for me posting wise, I think in part because I’d just come off of two massive readathons and got a promotion that significantly increased my workload. I also got sick at one point, so I’m sure that didn’t help. Still, I can’t believe that it’s already over.

It’s been a long October, for sure, but now that it’s the 31st I’ve really just got one final thing to say before we jump into the month of November–one month until I can play Christmas music and insist my boyfriend and roommate don’t complain!–and that is, if you’re not watching Hocus Pocus right now, you should be.

I mean, honestly.

Or Casper…Casper is good, too.

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