So, I’ve wanted to do this for a while now since I absolutely love it on some other blogs. Of course, the problem has always been that WordPress wouldn’t allow me to because my plan wasn’t a Business plan. And though I found that deeply frustrating, I wasn’t at a point where I felt comfortable paying for the Business plan. After all, it’s expensive. This is also why I’ve never put giveaways in the actual post when I’ve hosted them because the Premium plan doesn’t allow you to.

It’s all quite annoying, I have to say.

Well, my boyfriend has always been pretty business minded and while it is somewhat overwhelming to have all of this happening all at once, he’s kind of been pushing me to try and get a lot more out of my blog than I have been. And so, here I am testing out this new Inlinkz feature that I’m now capable of! I’m looking forward to starting something more theme-like in the future, but for now I’d like to use this introduction to Inlinkz to show off some of your amazing posts, so if you’d like to post a link to your favorite blog post this year (or of all time), please feel free to add it below! And I’ll try to check out all of your posts later on today.

I really want to see how this works and develop a way for it to become a weekly post in the future, so I’d definitely love it if you all tested it out with me.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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