img_3706You all remember, I’m sure, that I changed my logo recently. With changing my logo I also added a bunch of new products to the Reader Fox store with that logo. Well, I got my first sample product today and I am screaming with how excited I am about it!! This is my very own, first official, Reader Fox journal. I’m honestly kind of torn between wanting to write in it immediately and wanting to keep it perfect and pristine.

See, the thing is, I use an outside company for my store. I don’t really control a lot of the pricing or the shipping as I don’t make the products myself. I think, one day, I’ll try to do so and hopefully decrease the cost of them since it’s definitely a bit pricey. Most of the products on there I don’t actually own–though how brilliant would that be? img_3707Ultimately, I decided when I changed my logo that this fact definitely needed to change. And so I ordered a sample of the Reader Fox Hardcover Journal. I’m honestly immensely pleased with it.

I’m hoping to order more later on, the stickers and the backpack, in particular, have my attention at the moment. But for now, I’m really excited to start writing in my very own Reader Fox Journal.

What do you all think?? I love it so much!!

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