The_OAI’ve kind of had my weekend ruined. And in the long run I suppose it’s not a big deal, because a show is a show and not life. I recently found out that Netflix has made the—frankly terrible—decision to cancel The OA, a show that I have on numerous occasions cited as being the best and most impressive show I have ever seen in my life. It’s the one show that I, in all my crazy predictive abilities, have not been able to predict a single facet of. And honestly, this show getting canceled is the most heinous bullshit I’ve ever heard.

That’s probably a bit dramatic, but I don’t imagine I’d really say that over any other show. And Netflix seems to be making a lot of terrible decisions lately. Now, I can’t cancel my membership since I still use my parents, but I’m certain I would at this point if it were my own. Again, a bit dramatic, but other than Stranger Things, I can pretty much get everything I watch there from somewhere else.

And I’m rather upset about this.

Now, within reason I understand there is some speculation about the cancelation announcement being a hoax, which I am desperately hoping is true. And honestly, I’d considered myself to be rather loyal to Netflix since I prefer it to Amazon and Hulu. Plus, I think what Disney is doing is incredibly irritating and wrong. But with the shows it keeps canceling in favor of really problematic ones continuing, I’m left wondering if Netflix is even worth having.

I’ll give it some time, but I might be breaking up with Netflix if this trend continues.

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