This is honestly a bit of a sticking point for me because I’m actually rather disappointed that I don’t still have favorite quotes from novels at the top of my reviews. I’ve always loved being able to do that because not only does it offer a little insight into the novel, but it’s something I’ve always had pretty strong emotions about.

Unfortunately, it’s just not quite feasible to continue doing any longer.

The main reason for this is the ARC. Publishers always leave a little note behind when they send you a copy of the novel saying that you shouldn’t quote the book until the final copy has been released. I’ve always found this rather annoying despite somewhat understanding its purpose. Even so, the added effort required to wait, check the quote to the final copy, and then add it to my review is such a pain to me.

Now, the funny thing is that I could still do so in my regular reviews, but since I review ARCs more often than anything else, I tend to forget when I get around to reviewing a book that doesn’t have this stipulation.

So, I guess, in conclusion…I don’t quote books often anymore and it makes me kind of sad.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Stopped Including Quotes in My Reviews and Here’s Why

  1. I’v always wondered why they do that. They make is sound like they don’t want you to quote ARCs because they could change, but how often do lines actually change? I would understand if they don’t want you to post places with actual errors, but the best quotes probably won’t have those. Or do they just not want you to spoil things before the actual book is released?

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