Once again, in favor of making money, someone out there is harming the impoverished.

Image result for macmillan publishersHonestly, I’ve had my frustrations with e-books over the years and I don’t expect that to ever fully change. To a degree, this is a personal preference. But none of those frustrations will ever amount to the degree of frustration I feel with publishers for limiting access to books because of libraries.

Cutting back on the number of e-books libraries can have and limiting it to just one is not going to drastically improve profits and the fact of the matter is that it ultimately targets those who do not really have the money to buy the books in the first place.

It’s beginning here and now with Macmillan who are trying to make it so that libraries can only have one e-copy of a book until a month and a half (8 weeks) after the publication date. And while I will not say that I necessarily need a book immediately after its release, this is horrifying to me.

And if we allow this attack from Macmillan to go through, imagine which publishing houses might come next. The fact that libraries are already struggling to stay afloat is devastating and I can guarantee that acts such as this will only make that worse.

So, let’s protect our libraries. Let’s protect our fellow readers. The American Library Association has started a petition to fight back. It just takes a few moments. And as readers, as writers, it’s the least we can do.

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