So, I went out and bought a thing. Actually, I had it delivered by Amazon, but that’s basically the same thing nowadays, right? I got an exercise bike. With a desk attachment.

img_1230.jpgI imagine, perhaps, it was somewhat silly of me to determine that a product I needed was an exercise bike with a desk. Amazingly, however, as I write this from the comfort of my exercise desk bike, I have to admit that I’m really pleased with it. Half the reason I don’t exercise is because I feel like it’s a giant waste of my time. I mean, I already have so much to do. How can I justify going to the gym and being awkward in front of other people whilst getting absolutely no work done?

Well, my hope is that having bought this bike will change that.

img_1228Granted, it’s already upset the heck out of my dog. Though this is because he won’t be getting as much playtime now that his mom is a little more focused on getting work done. Since I’m on a bike, this basically equates to the fact that it’s too hard to reach down and grab the ball now that I’m no longer sitting on the floor. He’s currently moping next to me on the couch. But it’s okay, 20 minutes of no attention per day won’t hurt him.

And so while I say that this is a non-book related purchase (because it is), it is largely related to my blog in that I will now be able to get posts done while exercising. And that’s definitely a first for me. Perhaps I’ll even get more writing with my book done? Who knows. Either way, I’m excited.

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