NetGalley readathonIt’s like NetGalley knew, somehow. I am certainly in desperate need of such an event, though the truth is that in order to partake in a reviewathon, one also has to read all the books. I think it’s abundantly clear that a lot of people have a lot of approved requests to review lately if such an event is to be sparked. And I’m excited for it, though I can’t say for sure the frequency of reviews is going to increase for me or not. That all depends more on work than it does on my determination, really.

If you use NetGalley, I would definitely suggest checking out their reviewathon post. There are even some cool prompts for what you can post about during the month in which it is going on; the first one is a TBR (to-be-reviewed!) list! It’s been a long day for me tonight, which is why I’m cutting this first post of mine short but you can definitely expect a to-be-reviewed list to pop up on my blog at some point tomorrow, once I’ve had time to rest from an early and long day.

Anyone else feel exceptionally drained this summer? Or is that just me?

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8 thoughts on “NetGalley Reviewathon!

  1. I kind of wish I had a list of books waiting to be read so I could participate. I’ve already reviewed all the ones I’ve gotten approved for. Joys of still being a NG newbie.

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