god made boys and girlsYeah, this insensitive and messed up book is is getting published and it is actually available for request on NetGalley. Okay, I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, but here’s the thing…from what the synopsis seems to be implying, it was pretty easy for me to come to the conclusion that this book is about how boys are always boys and girls are always girls. And if that is the case, then this book is a disgrace.

I’m honestly rather torn on whether or not to request this. I’d like to find out I’m wrong about what the book is promoting, but it’s Christian and I frankly have lost a lot of trust and faith that many of those books are promoting good things over the years and with the ones that I’ve read. But also, if this is what I think it is…then it deserves a scathing review. At the same time, a part of me feels annoyed about its existence in the first place and it’s definitely not worth my time if it is trying to brainwash people into mistreating children who don’t feel comfortable in their bodies with the assigned at birth gender they received.

So…I just don’t know.

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2 thoughts on “Next Up on Books that Piss Me Off

  1. I saw it earlier too! I was livid! This is not the kind of hate we need out in the world! And what’s worse is that they made this book in reaction to the ‘normalization of gender fluidity’ as they say which is such BS. It’s indoctrination in kids into their message of hate

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