I’d like to be able to say that I’ll be fully returned to blogging this month, especially since I have every intention of doing so. I have a feeling, however, that there is a fairly strong likelihood December will continue to be similar to October and November with a rather large decrease in the frequency of posts.

With that said, I’m definitely going to be returning to a regular schedule come January. I’m hoping that with the new year coming in I’ll find a better way of managing my time. At the end of the day, however, I’m going to be focusing more on my novel and less on the blog. Therefore a number of the posts that I’ve had going for a while will be changing just a bit.

I still plan to continue regular reviews and daily posts about which books are coming out. Those daily posts will likely become more about books I’m excited to read rather than ones I’m not interested in, however, as I feel that is a better use of my time. I will also try to keep the NetGalley request posts coming as well!

Everything else will simply come if I have the time. But I am hoping to be back from hiatus now!

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