At least, I think it’s day 10?

It’s Saturday morning and BOY did I have a long week. I, admittedly, did not expect working from home to take this much out of me. In all fairness, I feel as though part of it is tied into the loneliness. The vast majority of my social interaction comes from work. Granted, I live with my boyfriend and a roommate, but when we’re all “at work,” subsequently staring at our screens it feels a little isolating.

A fascinating concept in its own right, to tell you the truth.

But, anyway, one thing that I’ll say has been extremely positive during my time in quarantine is that just this morning I was able to attend a webinar hosted by Marissa Meyer! As many of you know, she’s been my favorite author for a number of years now. While I was fortunate enough to have met her during her tour for Supernova (where she signed literally every single book I brought!), she wasn’t going to be touring anywhere I could attend for the new covers of The Lunar Chronicles.

And while I am truly saddened for those who would have seen her had the events of her tour not been canceled, I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to sit through her speech today. It’s truly inspiring and was the best possible start to my Saturday morning.

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