I feel like I can’t ever have a full year of just consistent posting. There always comes a time when I become utterly drained and just can’t anymore. The thing is, I have a lot of books to review and very little motivation to actually sit down and write them. You see, reviewing happens to take a lot out of me. I very rarely ever write a short review; somehow, I just don’t see myself as capable.

That said, I’m still trying.

I recently finished Sarah Henning’s Sea Witch, and I have to admit that I am somewhat baffled at the fact that it has a sequel. This isn’t because I think poorly of the book or anything like that–I actually gave it a 5-star rating–but rather because it ended so perfectly.

Anyway, I’m hoping to actually sit down and write that review soon (I’m too tired tonight), so if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on a villain focused re-telling of the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Little Mermaid, stick around and keep your eyes open.

The water may be murky with ink, but the thoughts behind are worth waiting for (maybe, lol). Happy reading!

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