So, lately I have been debating taking a break, not because I particularly want to but rather because it has become rather cumbersome to keep up with all the posts I’m trying to put out. And honestly, I sometimes wonder if I’ve overdone it.

Generally, I’ve tried to post about four times a day, scaffolding my posts to where they are all about three hours apart. This is partially in an attempt to make it so that people in just about any time zone can read posts, but I’m coming to the realization that it’s gotten incredibly taxing on my workload.

At the same time, I’m trying really hard to spend more time writing my novel.

And so, for those of you who do read the majority of my posts, I wanted to know which ones you would like for me to continue the most. I’ve listed below how the schedule usually goes and if you could take just a few minutes out of your day to give me some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.

Which posts would you most want to see continue?

Daily Posts:

  • 2019 YA Release
  • NetGalley Request
  • Reviews
  • Readathon Updates (these are on hiatus because I’m not doing a readathon atm).

Weekly Posts

  • Monday Book Tag
  • TTT
  • 2018 Releases
  • TBT
  • Cover Love Friday
  • Blogger Support
  • NetGalley Rejections

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5 thoughts on “Stepping Back a Bit

  1. I feel you, I’ve been struggling since coming down with terrible cold late September and feeling a little overwhelmed by what I set myself up for.
    Ironically publishers now seem less interested in me so I’ve got less commitments but instead of being free and whizzing through I’m struggling with my latest read!

  2. The last thing you want to do is reach a burn out point. Scaling back until you find a comfortable balance has always worked best for me, sometimes I have to take a full step back and just give myself a total break for a while. Hope you can find your balance.

  3. You definitely sound like you’ve worn yourself out. I hope you enjoy your well deserved break!
    I enjoy your YA releases and your Net Galley requests a fair bit – that’s where I get some of my recommendations from.

  4. I can’t imagine posting four times a day – I consider myself successful if it’s four times a week! A break sounds much-deserved!

    I have a counter-question 😊 Which types of posts do you enjoy the most???

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