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  1. We have a thing for wiener’s butt too!!😄 (dachshunds- ahah)
    That charger.. ahaha definately way cuter than the mouse pad, but I agree that the price is kind of alot. Specially if you need to add the postage fees and all that.

    But oh the wonderful things you can find on the internet!

  2. Ah, so this is sci-fi. Would be interesting to see how Paolini makes the shift from fantasy and dragons to aliens. I too had been an Eragon fan; remember it had seemed like the next Harry Potter phenomenon at that time, at least initially. (I think there’s a movie too out there?)

  3. Such a great review! I haven’t heard of this until seeing it on your blog. It does sound right up my alley. I am super interested in picking this up. I just saw it doesn’t come out until next year. Maybe once I read more of my e-arcs on Netgalley I can request it. I have too many right now lol.

    1. Ah, yeah, the wait is killer. But it really was so amazing! I hope you enjoy it once you get a chance to read it! I know the NetGalley list is a hard one to manage, lol.

      1. It really is. I tell myself I won’t request anything then I start browsing and then end up requesting like 10 new books when I have a ton I need to review. Smh, when will I learn.

  4. Everybody embroiled in that situation really should have thought twice about all their actions. They’re all harming each other and there was no need for it! The teen who initially pirated the arc shouldn’t have done it but she didn’t deserve all the cyber bullying that came her way either, especially from adults who should know better and understand how damaging it can be.

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