24in48I think this will be the first 24in48 Readathon that I participate in where I fully expect that I will not be managing to read for a full 24 hours. Beginning on Saturday, July 20th at 12 AM and ending Sunday, July 21st at 12 AM, the basic gist of this readathon is that you read for 24 hours within the span of 2 days (or 48 hours).

I’ve only participated twice, but in those two times I managed to reach the 24 hour mark through both of them. And that, in itself, was pretty exciting.

Recently, however, I’ve adopted a puppy–which I definitely didn’t have for at least one of the prior readathons–and I’ve made friends who want to do things on the weekends. Of course, my luck, this would be a weekend where we have something planned. I’m still signing up, just because I know that I can have audiobooks and I’m also going to be in the car for a full hour and a half just to get to where they are. And we’re going to a giant yard sale, so I’m sure I can listen to audiobooks during that as well.

But, ultimately I don’t think there are enough hours in my weekend for me to spend time with friends and get to the 24 hour reading mark. I’d be frankly amazed if I managed it, but I know that would cost precious sleep time. With the way work has been so exhausting lately, I just don’t see it happening. Which, I honestly do think is a bit of a shame since I know I’m fully capable of the 24 hour reading. But life is life is life and that’s just how it goes.

Crossing my fingers for next time.

As for the readathon, it’s amazing, and you should definitely sign up! They have posting challenges throughout the readathon where you can actually win prizes! I’d definitely suggest giving it a try. And then check out other people who are participating because this is a great way to make connections with readers!

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