img_1272-1Next up on Steff’s Disney-a-Thon journey was reading The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell and can I just say that I was utterly blown away by the brilliance that is this book. I stayed up super late to finish it last night. And I’m still reeling from how amazing it was. Now, I’ll be frank here and admit that I totally predicted who Esta’s family was from nearly page one. I also called who the villain was and the special twist about them at the end (I’m trying to be as non-spoiler-y as possible).

I’m pretty proud of myself, all things considered. The one thing I didn’t predict was that bit at the end that Harte had done. But I’ll let you all figure out that one for yourselves.

And don’t forget about the progress tracker if you’re participating!

Chances are you already know, but if you’re new ‘m also pairing this readathon with the NetGalley reviewathon, so I’ve got reviews up for The Orchid Throne and The Best Friend Problem. I couldn’t post my review for Cursed (at least on my blog) since the publisher requested for a wait period. And unfortunately I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing My Best Friend Runs Venus, but keep an eye out because that will be coming. 

img_1319This post is going to have two TBRs, also! Since I’ve completed the Aladdin prompts, it’s now time for me to move along the map to Tangled! I know we don’t have to have a fixed TBR for the other maps, but I’ve decided that it would just make my life easier to do so. And thus I’m setting it up here and will be updating everyone on my progress as I go.

Tangled TBR (currently reading!):

Glowing Reviews; Rapunzel

Dark & Mysterious; Flynn Rider
the grace year

Dreamy Cover; The Snuggly Duckling
the sword and the dagger

Power Hungry Character; Mother Gothel
mother tongue

a curse so dark and lonely

Aladdin TBR (COMPLETE!):

Royalty; Jasmine
the orchid throne

Romance; Aladdin
the best friend problem

Fantasy; Magic Carpet

Trance; Jafar
my best friend runs venus

Group; Abu
the last magician

How is your readathon going so far? Which prompts or books have you finished? What team are you on? I hope you’re finding success with completing your TBRs! Also…has anyone moved along the map enough that they can start on another team’s prompt?  Anyway, feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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