img_1319-1And I’m back with another Disney-a-Thon post, sadly having to admit that I’m probably not going to get too much further past the Tangled prompts. At this point, I’d be happy with myself if I got to the Mulan prompts, but I don’t see myself getting to Lion King. Which, ultimately, is okay. But considering the fact that I thought for sure I would be able to read a different book for each prompt, I’m a little sad.

As always, don’t forget to update the progress tracker if you’re participating!

I’m still doing the NetGalley reviewathon, and I amazingly have reviews schedule for a few days. You can still check out my reviews for The Orchid Throne and The Best Friend Problem, why I couldn’t post my review for Cursed, and read my reviews for My Best Friend Runs Venus, The Last Magician, and Birthday.

I’ve also switched one of my books, removing The Sword and the Dagger from my list and replacing it with an ARC that I recently got; A Heart so Fierce and Broken! It seemed fitting, considering the group book. And now I’ve only got two books left for Tangled!

Tangled TBR (currently reading!):

Glowing Reviews; Rapunzel

Dark & Mysterious; Flynn Rider
the grace year

Dreamy Cover; The Snuggly Duckling
a heart so fierce and broken

Power Hungry Character; Mother Gothel
mother tongue

a curse so dark and lonely

Aladdin TBR (COMPLETE!):


Royalty; Jasmine
the orchid throne

Romance; Aladdin
the best friend problem

Fantasy; Magic Carpet

Trance; Jafar
my best friend runs venus

Group; Abu
the last magician

How is your readathon going so far? Which prompts or books have you finished? What team are you on? I hope you’re finding success with completing your TBRs! Also…has anyone moved along the map enough that they can start on another team’s prompt?  Anyway, feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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