aladdinAnd I’m back with another update on August’s Disney-a-Thon! I’m honestly so glad that I was able to finish the third book on the list today because it’s the 7th and that’s basically my favorite number. I just really wanted to post this today, lol. And now I am three down, two to go! Which leads me into the fact that Cursed was, unfortunately, so far the worst book of this readathon thus far. Here’s to hoping that the next book is better. If it ends up being the worst out of all the books I read this August, that would be wonderful.

Just like last time, I want to remind everyone to update the progress tracker if you’re participating! I still have to update it for this most recent book.

Of course, I’m still doing the NetGalley reviewathon challenge, so you can even read my reviews for The Orchid Throne and The Best Friend Problem.

And now, the updated TBR (which is basically just me crossing off the ones I’ve read thus far):

the orchid throne

the best friend problem


my best friend runs venus

the last magician

How is your readathon going so far? Which prompts or books have you finished? What team are you on? I hope you’re finding success with completing your TBRs! Anyway, feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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