ravenclawHouse Battles readathon update! I’m giving up on the Princessathon; this is what I get for trying to do more than one readathon with different books. Failed goals and all that. But I am making an effort to read as much as I can for house points. It’s turned into a lot of rereading for me.

Current (averaged) points (as of this morning) are:

Gryffindor – 2792.885714
Ravenclaw – 2528.582278
Hufflepuff – 2482.525

Slytherin has broke 2000 points! Congratulations, everyone!

Group Book
house of salt and sorrows

Astronomy; A Book Only Read at Night

Charms; A Book that’s New to You

Defense Against the Dark Arts; A Book You Put Down
revenge of the red club

Flying; A Highly Anticipated Book
wicked saints

Herbology; A Book that Means a Lot to You

History of Magic; A Book from a Different Generation
the rest of the story

Potions; A Genre You Don’t Usually Pick Up
twice in a blue moon

Transfiguration; The Last Book You Bought
sea witch

Arithmancy; A Book with a Number in the Title
100 days of sunlight

Care of Magical Creatures; A Book with an Animal on the Cover
under the cottonwood tree

Divination; A Book You Predict Will Be 5 Stars
realm of knights

Muggle Studies; A Hyped Book

Ancient Runes; A Classic
the princess and curdie

Alchemy; A Recommended Book
call it what you want

Apparation; Only Read this Book in Public
the forbidden harbor

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