life as we knew it seriesHave you ever read a book that you felt thoroughly bored with just to get it over with? Has that ever turned into reading practically an entire series just to get it off your TBR? I have to admit, this isn’t something I find myself doing often for a number of reasons. The first is that I don’t usually find myself in a situation where I feel a need to finish a series if I hated the first book. And I’m not typically so bored that I kind of hate read the rest of the series. The second is that finishing a series I don’t love doesn’t usually feel like a chore, but rather I’m curious enough to find out what happens next.

It hasn’t been like that with this series, and yet I still feel like I have to finish it.

Why? Well, that literally just comes down to the fact that I own the books. You see, my mom bought me a giant pile of them several months ago because she knows I enjoy YA. I’ve been putting off reading them largely because the plot and writing just seemed quite dull to me. Well, now that I’ve read two and a half of the books I can definitely say I was right. But I have this weird need I can’t quite shake that tells me I need to read each one beforehand I can justify getting rid of the books.

Ridiculous, right?

I mean, it’s so silly. And yet here I am, having gone through the great boredom of not one, not two, but nearly three whole books. And I’m planning to go through a fourth for an incredibly silly reason. But somehow I just can’t seem to help it. And I don’t know if my boredom with these books is the fault of the books or if it’s my own dislike, but I’m honestly kind of amazed that I’ve made it so far.

And all because I don’t want to give away books I own without having read them.

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One thought on “Life As We Knew It Boredom Binge

  1. There are a lot of times I’m reading that I have to remind myself that I really don’t need to know how it all turns out, especially if I really can’t stand the story behind it all. I never used to DNF a book, but I got tired of feeling like I’d wasted so much time reading books I didn’t enjoy.

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