the navigatorAs most of you (hopefully) know already, I’ve been taking a break. As a result, there have been barely any posts lately and so it should come as no surprise that reviews I meant to have ready and up are…not ready and up. With that said, everyone should take a moment to check out The Navigator by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown because it comes out today! I haven’t had a chance to finish my review, which is unfortunate but though that is the case, I couldn’t not drop a reminder for everyone about it on its release day.

I’ve been an avid fan of this book from the first moment I got it. It’s a series I hold pretty dear not only because it’s the best Peter Pan retelling I’ve ever read, but also because The Wendy is the very first physical ARC I ever received. And I was approved for it on my birthday. If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend you get yourself a copy of both books.

Now, in my opinion the best place to order this sequel is The Navigator publisher page where you can get autographed copies! Or you can just…you know…get it (unsigned) form the other sellers below. Either way, this is a book you really need to have.

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That’s all from me for now. Happy reading, everyone!


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