A quick list of book reviews by SPasciuti. Ordered alphabetically by author’s last name.


Tom Adams
All Aboard the Voyage of Discovery

Luvvie Ajayi
I’m Judging You (The Do Better Manual)

Emily Albright
Perfect Harmony

Hans Christian Andersen
Little Ida’s Flowers
The Saucy Boy
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Traveling Companion

Hiromu Arakawa
Fullmetal Alchemist; Fullmetal Edition Volume 1

Sarah Asper-Smith
You Are Home With Me

Christine Carlson Asselin
Falling for Wonder Boy

Jillian Aversa
Your Light: A Musical Storybook

Justine Avery
The One Apart

Vita Ayala


Mette Bach

Pam Bachorz

Daniel Barnes
The Black Mage

Mac Barnett


Sarah Baxter
Literary Places

Samed Behrangi
The Little Black Fish

Rachel Beider
Press Here! Massage for Beginners

Catherine Belknap
Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths

Karen Benke
Rip All the Pages!

Jay Bennett
My Brother’s Keeper

Julie Berry
Don’t Let the Beasties Escape This Book

Maria Birmingham
Acting Wild

Archie Bongiovanni
Grease Bats

Simon Boulerice
My Bright Friend

L. A. Bowen
One Too Many Lies

Liz Braswell
A Whole New World
Part of Your World

Michael Bright
When We Became Humans

Steven Brown
The Wendy

Peter Bunzl

Julie Buxbaum
Tell Me Three Things


Meg Cabot
The Princess Diaries

Sean Callahan
Voting With a Porpoise

Jen Calonita

The Music Box

Kiera Cass
The Epilogue

Center for Book Arts

Ingrid Chabbert

Erica Chapman
Teach Me to Forget

Joelle Charbonneau
Graduation Day

Nyasha M. Chikowore
Giraffe Asks for Help

Cassandra Clare
City of Bones
A Long Conversation
of Shadows

Dhonielle Clayton
The Belles
The Everlasting Rose

Lena Coakley
Wicked Nix

Christina Collins
After Zero

Éric Corbeyran

Katherine Coville
Briar and Rose and Jack

Julia Crane
Freak of Nature

Alexandra Cristo
To Kill a Kingdom


Kaitlyn Davis
Gathering Frost

Michael Dahl
Periods Say Stop.

Delilah S. Dawson

Evangeline Denmark
The Ice Child (A Winter Fairy Tale)

Lucille de Pesloüan
What Makes Girls Sick and Tired

India Desjardins
A Story About Cancer (with a Happy Ending)

Sarah Dessen
What Happened to Goodbye

Junot Diaz
This is How You Lose Her

R. D. Dikstra
Tigeropolis: Caught in the Trap

Carrie Ann DiRisio
Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me

Heather Dixon Wallwork
The Enchanted Sonata

Jessica Duchen

Children of the Resistance


Bob Eckstein
The Ultimate Cartoon Book of Book Cartoons

Suzie Esterhas
Panda Opposites


Cary Fagan
King Mouse
What Are You Doing, Benny?

Huda Fahmy
Yes, I’m Hot in This: The Hilarious Truth about Life in a Hijab

Jim Fanning
The Disney Book

Chris Ferrie
There Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe

Karen Finley
Grabbing Pussy

Ben Fisher
The Underfoot

Amanda Foody
Ace of Shades
King of Fools

Kim Foster
Game of Secrets

Donna Freitas

Kit Frick
All Eyes On Us

Stephen Fry


Stephanie Garber

Margo Gates
Maya Likes the Beach

Andrew Gibbs
Baby Bird

Thomas Gilbert
The Daughters of Salem

Tara Gilboy

Russell Glass
Voting With a Porpoise

Julia Golding
The Curious Crime

Dannah K. Gresh
Lies Girls Believe

Deborah Guarino
If the Shoe Fits


Jared Haibon
Lucy and Clark

J. P. Harker

Norm Harper

Emily Hawkins
All Aboard the Voyage of Discovery

Carl Hiaasen

Alex Hiam
Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key

Gareth Hinds
The Iliad

Rob Hodgson
The Cave
The Woods

Elise Holland
The Thorn Queen

Sarah Holland

Anthony Horowitz
The White Carnation
Raven’s Gate

A. G. Howard


Ashley Iaconetti
Lucy and Clark


E. L. James
Fifty Shades of Grey

S. Jae-Jones

Maureen Johnson
13 Little Blue Envelopes

Louie Joyce


Julie Kagawa
The Shadow of the Fox

Lisbeth Kaiser
Rosa Parks (Little People, Big Dreams)

Sleeping Beauty

Misti Kenison
The Vanishing Baseball Cap

Mia Kerick
Love Spell
The Princess of Baker Street

Shing Yin Khor
The American Dream?

Samuel Kidstar
Samuel: My Life Story

Scott King
Wrath of Dragons

Jim Knipfel
These Children Who Come at You With Knives

Torben Kuhlmann
Edison: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure

Susan Kuklin
We Are Here to Stay

Ray Kurzweil
Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine


Bruce Lansky
100,000 Baby Names

Christina Lauren

Ervin Lázár
Arnica the Duck Princess

Dion Leonard
Finding Gobi (Young Reader’s Edition)

Marc Levy
P. S. From Paris
If Only it Were True

Tricia Levenseller
Daughter of the Pirate King

Sean Lewis

Gail Carson Levine
Ogre Enchanted

Elizabeth Lim
Spin the Dawn

Jonathan Litton
STEAM Stories: The Picnic Problem

Lost the Plot

M. F. Lorson
Stage Kiss

Amanda Lovelace
The Princess Saves Herself in This One

Frank Lowe
Some People Do

Zoa Lumsden
The Great Grizzly Race


Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Catwoman: Soulstealer

George MacDonald
The Light Princess

Louise MacGregor
Rape Jokes

Tahreh Mafi
Shatter Me Series

Melanie Mannarino
The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Name Book

Jill Apperson Manly
Ahmed’s Journey

Tash McAdam
I Am the Storm

Michael McCreary
Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic

Kara McDowell
Just for Clicks

John McNamee
Book Learnin’

Janet McNulty
Solaris Seethes

Greg McVicer
At Least He Wasn’t Hitting You

Roger Mello
Charcoal Boys

Sandhya Menon
There’s Something About Sweetie

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Alis the Aviator

Marissa Meyer
Cinder x2
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky
The Little Android

Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue

Lauren Miller
All Things New

Heather L. Montgomery
Little Monsters of the Ocean

Rochelle Morgan
The Trouble With Flying

Caroline Moss
J. K. Rowling

Morgan J. Muir
Paw Prints

Monica Murphy
More Than Friends ***Abuse Romanticizing Book Alert**

Diana Murray
Unicorn Day


Sue Nicholson
The Big Book of Twisted Fairy Tales

Elaine Robertson North
I Can’t Tell You Why

B. J. Novak
The Book With No Pictures


Kelly Oram
Cinder and Ella

Anne Osterlund
Academy 7

Myriam Ouyessad
The Wolf Will Not Come


Danielle Paige
Before the Snow
Mera Tidebreaker

Katherine Paterson
Bridge to Terabithia

Betty Thomas Patterson
What’s College About Anyway?

Alan J. Paul
Confuchsia: An Early Bird’s Tale

Pamela Paul
How to Raise a Reader

Bryony Pearce
Windrunner’s Daughter

Adriana Pernetz
Once in a Forest

Camille Perri
When Katie Met Cassidy

Katie Peters
We Like the Summer

Valerie Picard
The Invisible Garden

Monique Polak
I Am a Feminist

Ashley Poston
The Princess and the Fangirl

Stephanie Demasse-Pottier
My Island

Amanda Prowse
The Idea of You

Chrissy Pushkin
Kawaii Origami


K. J. Quint
Foreverafter: An Odd Adventure


Seng Soun Ratanavanh
My Island

Emma Rattray
The Rug Bear

C. J. Redwine
The Blood Spell

Morgan Rhodes
Crystal Storm

Jason R. Richter
L.I.F.E. in the 23rd Century

Kiley Roache
The Dating Game

Jillian Roberts
Under Our Clothes

David Robertson
Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time

Phoebe Robinson
Everything’s Trash, But it’s Okay

Chauncey Rogers

K.L. Romo
Life Before

Victor Rose
End of the Last Great Kingdom

Reagan Rothe
I Like to Eat Children

Jennifer Rothschild
Me, Myself, and Lies for Young Women

J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter: The Prequel

Brenda Scott Royce
Chance’s Choice

Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt
The Origin of Day and Night

Sylvian Runberg
La Isabela; Jakob Kayne

Anna Russell
What If?

Maria Russo
How to Raise a Reader


Laura Purdie Salas
Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle

Amélie Sarn

Chris Saunders

Mary Savig
Artful Cats

Kristine Scarrow
The Gamer’s Guide to Getting the Girl

Ella Schwartz
Can You Crack the Code?

Nick Seluk
The Awkward Yetti Presents Heart and Brain: Body Language

Alyssa Sheinmel
A Danger to Herself and Others

James Shepherd
Classical Mythology

Knights Club: The Bands of Bravery

Sophie Siers
Dear Mr. President

Adam Silvera
They Both Die at the End

Dana Simpson
Ozy and Millie

Marilyn Singer
Who Are You Calling Weird?

Erin Michelle Sky
The Wendy

Steve Smallman
The Not-So-Brave Penguin

Amber Smith
Something Like Gravity

Bryan Smith
Diversity is Key

Jackie Smith

Jane Solomon
The Dictionary of Difficult Words

Rachel Lynn Solomon
Our Year of Maybe

Son of Alan
Stop Looking at Your Phone

Meagan Spooner

Janet Squires
Gracie Jane

Emma Steinkellner
The Okay Witch

Robin Stevenson
My Body, My Choice

Erin Stewart
Scars Like Wings

J. M. Sullivan
Second Star

Courtney Summers
Cracked Up To Be

Kyra Sundance
Kyra’s Canine Conditioning

Pamela Sutter
May the Farce be With You


Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Moon Volume 1
Sailor Moon Volume 2

Olivier Tallec
How Rude

Miquel Tanco
Count on Me

Sarvenaz Tash
Virtually Yours

Nicole L. Taylor
Piercing the Veil

Natalie Telfer
Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths

Iain S. Thomas
I Wrote This for You (republished)

Karen Treisman
Cleo the Crocodile

Jill Twiss
A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo


Caroline Upcher
The Boathouse


Yoleen Valai
The Rebirth of Francesca

Richard Van Camp
Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time

Various Authors
Nordic Tales
This Place; 150 Years Retold

Katie Vaz
The Escape Manual for Introverts

Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Stephen Hawking (Little People, Big Dreams)

Beth Vrabel
Caleb and Kit


T.M. Wallace
Under a Fairy Moon

Jen Wang
The Prince and the Dressmaker

Patricia Weaver
Stuff You Need to Know; A Guide for Young Adults with Autism

Mary Weber
To Best the Boys

Clare Hellen Welsh
How Rude

Kasie West
By Your Side

Scott Westerfeld
The Manual of Aeronautics

Emily S. Whitten
The Underfoot

Emily Williams
Rafferty Lincoln Loves

Janet Wilson
Our Future

Rob White
And Then I Met Margaret

Nicola Winstanley
How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps

Brian Wray
Max’s Box





Rick Yancey
The 5th Wave
The Infinite Sea

Debra Kauffman Yaun
Drawing Animals in Colored Pencil

Jane Yolen
How to Fracture a Fairy Tale

Leslie C. Youngblood
Love Like Sky

Timothy Young

Eliezer Yudkowsky
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality


Danny Zuker
He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump