all we could have beenFun fact about All We Could Have Been by T. E. Carter, it has two different synopses. I chose the one I liked best to feature here, but you can check out the other via its Goodreads page. Now, I’ll be honest here; I very nearly added this book to my TBR. But once I realized that the only reason I actually wanted to read it was because the so-called “heinous crime” that Lexi(Lexie?)’s brother commits is basically a mystery unless you choose to pick up and read the book. So, I was curious.

But the thing is, nothing else about the book really draws me in. I’m not the sort of person who reads these books typically anyway. And if the only reason I even want to bother with it is so that I can figure out the answer to one question that is posed in the book’s blurb, a question that will likely have a fairly quick answer that will come excessively late within the book, I’m better off passing.

162 days.

That’s how long Lexi needs to survive at her new school. Every year, she starts somewhere else under a new name, hiding in plain sight for as long as she can manage. Her record is 134, but it’s senior year now and if she can make it till June, she can disappear into the real world. Maybe a big city, where no one recognizes her and no one knows about her brother and what he did.

But this time things are different. This time there’s her new friend, Ryan, who makes her believe that she belongs somewhere. This time there’s Marcus, the boy looks at her in a way no one has before. This time she’s actually started to miss her older brother, Scott, even though she knows she shouldn’t. He was the boy who hung out with her reading comics and riding bikes. The boy who applied Band-Aids to scraped knees and chased away spiders. But he’s also the reason that she’s been in hiding away from the world, and from herself.

It turns out you can’t really run away from who you are. Eventually, it catches up with you.

It’s just 162 days, but for Lexi that’s a few days too many.

How do you feel about All We Could Have Been? Does the crime of Lexi’s brother entice you to want to read it? Are you more interested in her story? What about Ryan and Marcus? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! And happy reading!

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