defy the fatesknew this book looked familiar and my brain completely refused to catch up with me because I couldn’t tell why right up until I was looking at the Goodreads page for Defy the Fates by Claudia Gray. It’s the third book in a series that begins with Defy the Stars. And that one, at least, has been on my TBR for quite a while. One that I can never quite seem to make any sort of dent in. But that’s alright, because honestly the almost Romeo and Juliet-esque space adventure of Noemi and Abel sounds like so much fun. Granted, I didn’t read the full synopsis below, again because possible spoilers. But I can say that the first book looked pretty epic, so I can imagine if it’s lasted long enough to get a sequel, chances are that this one is pretty good, too.

Hunted and desperate.
Abel only has one mission left that matters: save the life of Noemi Vidal. To do that, he not only has to escape the Genesis authorities, he also must face the one person in the galaxy who still has the means to destroy him. Burton Mansfield’s consciousness lives on, desperate for a home, and Abel’s own body is his last bargaining chip.
Alone in the universe.
Brought back from the brink of death, Noemi Vidal finds Abel has not only saved her life, but he’s made her into something else, something more. Not quite mech, yet not quite human any longer, Noemi must find her place in a universe where she is utterly unique, all while trying to create a world where anyone–even a mech–can be free.
The final battle between Earth and the colony planets is here, and there’s no lengths to which Earth won’t go to preserve its domination over all humanity. But together, the universe’s most advanced mech and its first human-mech hybrid might have the power to change the galaxy for good.

How do you feel about Defy the Fates or at the very least, Defy the Stars? Does the space bit intrigue you? How about the Romeo and Juliet connection? It’s mild, sure, but still. Let me know what you think of this book in the comments!

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