how to be luminousWhy are there so many YA books lately with missing mothers? I feel like I’ve come across so many that have come out within the past two years and I personally don’t get it…anyway, How to Be Luminous follows a young girl who loses her color sight when her mother disappears. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the point? It seems to be a novel about grief, from what I can tell, and a) that doesn’t really appeal to me, but b) why the color thing? Does that have an actual relation to something that can happen in real life? Or is it just something the author thought up?

Cause if it’s a mental block that people can develop as a result of their grief, then cool. I’m still not massively interested in reading it, but the book has earned a few points. If it’s something made up simply to exist as a metaphor for grief…yeah, no. I’m out. The mental aspect that ties into mental illness is interesting to me. Everything else really isn’t.

When seventeen-year-old Minnie Sloe’s mother disappears, so does her ability to see color. How can young artist Minnie create when all she sees is black-and-white?

Middle child Minnie and her two sisters have always been able to get through anything together: growing up without fathers, living the eccentric artist lifestyle, and riding out their mother’s mental highs and lows. But when they lose their mother, Minnie wonders if she could lose everything: her family, her future, her first love . . . and maybe even her mind.

So, thoughts? What is your first take on the color aspect of the novel? Do you think it’s intriguing enough to get this book a spot on your TBR? Would you prefer it to be real or something the author made up for a metaphor? What about the missing mother piece? How do you feel about that? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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