missing presumed deadMissing, Presumed Dead by Emma Berquist sounds all kinds of yikes. And it is definitely not my kind of book. I mean, I’ll concede that it does sound somewhat interesting. A girl with the ability to tell when and how someone will die, but is unable to change the fate. And then one of these ghosts coming back to sort of but not really haunt her in order to get revenge for her own murder? Yeah, I can see how this might appeal to some. But I just do not like stories like this. I read one recently and, while it was really well written, I kind of hated it. So, I just feel its best if I avoid reading these books.

With a touch, Lexi can sense how and when someone will die. Some say it’s a gift. But to Lexi it’s a curse—one that keeps her friendless and alone. All that changes when Lexi foresees the violent death of a young woman, Jane, outside a club. But Jane doesn’t go to the afterlife quietly. Her ghost remains behind, determined to hunt down her murderer, and she needs Lexi’s help. In life, Jane was everything Lexi is not—outgoing, happy, popular. But in death, all Jane wants is revenge. Lexi will do anything to help Jane, to make up for the fact that she didn’t—couldn’t—save Jane’s life, and to keep this beautiful ghost of a girl by her side for as long as possible.

How about you? What are your feelings toward Missing, Presumed Dead? Do you think you’d like to add it to your TBR or nah? Why or why not? Does the ghost aspect appeal to you more than the death visions or vice versa? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments! And happy reading!

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