the missing seasonI have this weird feeling, just from the cover, that I’m not going to like The Missing Season by Gillian French. It’s either going to be a thriller, which I don’t like to read, or a contemporary YA romance, which I also don’t always care to read. So, let’s find out!

Okay…it’s more horror than anything else. But still, not my thing. I don’t really see myself enjoying this novel, so it seems like a better bet to pass on it. I’d rather someone who enjoys it pick it up than me.

Whenever another kid goes missing in October, the Pender kids know what is really behind it: a horrific monster out in the marshes they have named the Mumbler.
That’s what Clara’s new crew tells her when she moves to town: Bree and Sage, who take her under their wing; spirited Trace, who has taken the lead on this year’s Halloween prank war; and magnetic Kincaid, whose devil-may-care attitude and air of mystery are impossible for Clara to resist.
Clara doesn’t actually believe in the Mumbler. But as Halloween gets closer and tensions build in the town, it’s hard to shake the feeling that there really is something dark and dangerous in Pender, lurking in the shadows, waiting to bring the stories to life.

What are your thoughts on The Missing Season? Does it sound like a novel you’d be interested in? Nah? What do you think of the Mumbler? Does the cover and title make you think of someone getting hunted down? Let me know in the comments! And happy reading!

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