the rule of manyThe Rule of Many by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders (my guess is the authors are sisters?) some kind of dystopian future Texas where parents are all only permitted to have a single child. Naturally, someone is going to break that rule. The story appears to follow a pair of sisters through their rebellion against the harshness of the government. And I’m somewhat intrigued, but not enough to want to grab it based on synopsis alone. Fortunately it seems to have fairly good reviews.

As for me, I’m still uncertain whether I want to read it.

Born to a death sentence in a near-future America, rebellious sisters herald a revolution—if they can survive.
Twins Ava and Mira Goodwin defy the Rule of One simply by existing. The single-child law, ruthlessly enforced by Texas’s Governor Roth, has made the sisters famous fugitives and inspirations for the resurgent rebellion known as the Common.
But the relentless governor and his implacable Texas State Guard threaten that fragile hope, as Roth consolidates his power in a bid for ultimate authority.
As Ava and Mira relinquish the relative safety of their Canadian haven to stand against Roth, new allies arise: Owen, a gifted young programmer, impulsively abandons his comfortable life in a moment of compassion, while Zee, an abused labor camp escapee, finds new purpose in resistance.
The four will converge on Dallas for a reckoning with Roth, with nothing less than their destinies—and the promise of a future free from oppression—on the line.
Disobedience means death. But a life worth living demands rebellion.

How do you feel about The Rule of Many? Is this a book you might be interested in reading? Do you think you’ll put it on your TBR? Why or why not? What do you think about the dystopian Texas setting? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments! And happy reading!

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