Happy book birthday to Windswept by Gwen Cole! At first, this seemed like a rather dull story but then came teleportation and people going missing, making this story so much more than the boring subway ride it seems to start out as. Color me intrigued, excited, and ready to read.

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windswept“A poignant and heartfelt journey.” —Wendy Higgins, New York Times bestselling author of the Sweet Evil series, on Cold Summer

Every day, Sam endures the same subway ride on her way to school, but when she meets a boy named Reid, suddenly her daily commute isn’t so ordinary. Reid has the ability to teleport—or, drift, as he calls it—and for the first time, Sam has the opportunity to travel anywhere without a passport or plane ticket.

But as their two worlds come together, Sam discovers her family had been keeping secrets from her, and meeting Reid was just the beginning of unraveling the truth. When drifters begin to disappear, Sam has no choice but to face the threat when she finds out her family is among the missing.

As Reid and Sam start their search for the missing drifters, help comes from the most unexpected of places. After a significant breakthrough, Reid is taken, and Sam finds herself alone in a world she knows nothing about. With the enemy closing in, she soon realizes she’s the only person who can save them all.

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